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PAUL HEATON joins The Claimants

Paul will be writing an original score including new songs for the film. A passionate songwriter who has supported the cause to save local pubs around the United Kingdom...Read more


LIAM FOX to play Mr Dulwich

Will The Claimants be able to get past the Loss Adjusters, or will Mr Dulwich's team catch them out?


STEVE EVETS joins The Claimants

We are delighted that Steve has joined the cast as Landlord of the Penguin in Pearls! Read our blog about meeting Steve


A Claimant on Corrie!

Congratulations to our NATHAN GRAHAM who is now a regular
on Coronation Street! Read Nathan's blog

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About the Claimants

The Claimants, based on the true story of 28 people who staged a mass crash for cash insurance scam, is the first major film project for Rule of 3 Productions. TV director Paul Murphy began The Claimants project with a large group of passionate and extremely talented Northern actors from the superb ACT4TV (founded by Michael Jackson, Casting Director at Beverley Keogh Casting). Through interviews and the dramatisation of events surrounding this bizarre life changing moment, The Claimants tells the state-of-the-nation story of what people will do when they are faced with losing something they love; namely their local pub. The feature film is being produced in a way that no other production company works. As a project-collective combining a repertory theatre model with the modern needs of independent film production, each actor/writer/production member plays a key role in devising character, developing script and helping to run the company.

By the end of the year The Claimants will be performed as a multimedia show, live in front of an invited audience in Manchester. From there, we will continue to raise The Claimants film production budget.

Rule of 3 Productions was set up to enhance the careers of emerging performance and production talent, predominantly in the North of England, and to offer a platform for members to take ownership of their own work and to create a sustainable living in their chosen field.

If you would like to get on the bus with us and be part of producing something truly unique, you’ll not only receive a number of benefits, but play a huge part in a fantastic story which we are desperate to tell.

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The Plan...

We are looking to raise enough funding (crowd funding and partnerships) to develop the script for THE CLAIMANTS. Our aim is to perform the completed piece (in Autumn) as a multi-media show for investors and invited guests who will get a chance to see the potential for this project to go on. At this stage, we are looking for help in a number of areas.

1. Funding – Obviously putting together a project of this scale is going to need funding. Everybody involved has so far given their passion and time for free but eventually peoples' costs at very least will need to be covered. We are envisaging that this devising process will take 6 months. We will be applying for R&D development money from the Arts Council but in order to do so we need to find partners and additional funding ourselves. A Kickstarter will be launched on the back of a growing social media campaign in summer ‘19.

2. Endorsement and advice – If you feel you have skills which could support our project we would be enormously grateful to hear from you. We are operating as a
production/rep company so to hear from people who are professionally involved in the industry would be invaluable.

3. If you like our aims, simply spreading the word to others about what we are planning will help massively. Our project is about people and in order for it to get made we need you!

If you would like to Get on the bus with us, we’ll be leaving shortly...


For further information on this unique project, please contact Samantha Rushton at

We look forward to hearing from you.

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